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About The Minority Business Review

This is a platform for Diverse voices and Diverse people.
The landscape for minority media is growing. The Minority Business Review (MBR) exists to capture intellectual insights on strategy, innovation, and leadership, in business, from minority experts.

The Minority Business Review (MBR) is a publication produced by the Recorder Media Group and its partners. The Recorder Media Group has championed minority news and initiatives for over 127 years and is the fourth oldest minority-owned publication in the country.

Our online and print platform ensures diverse voices share intellectual thought pieces. The Minority Business Review aims to be a leading amplifying platform to change the narrative around people of color and provide business insights from diverse voices.

The Minority Business Review (MBR) is a publication committed to the minority experience in its diversity and is committed to telling and celebrating the stories of People of Color.

Our Team


Robert Shegog

President and Editor-in-Chief

Robert is proud to lead one of the country's oldest and most respected African-American newspapers as well as two minority business magazines. He is a hands-on executive who works closely with his team to ensure the production of the highest-quality products for people of color. His commitment to media is encapsulated in his own words: "Representation matters and so does perspective." Robert is the President and CEO of the Recorder Media Group.

Phumla Jasopu

Admin Manager

As the resident Administrator, Phumla's experience in streamlining systems to keep the team in check. She coordinates special projects and office operations. She is an avid reader and our go-to girl for all things sports related. Her motto is "Get it done no matter what"

Linky Ugeh

Editorial Director

As the Director of MBR, Linky oversees operations and editorial at the publication, working in tandem with her team to deliver a product and experience that meets everyone's needs. She is an author and a creative who always has her pen and paper ready. She believes that " Every story matters."